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Shopping & Fuel

Sunday, October 17th, 2010

There is a grocery shop in Applecross which will have all the essentials. Opening times are currently 0900 to 1700 daily except Sunday.  For orders or enquiries please phone 01520-744421.

Alfie our local fish van usually makes his rounds on Thursdays. (He may take a well deserve break durin winter time, please check to avoid dissapointment.) 01520-744313

Camping & outdoor equipment, as well as gifts and soaps can be bought at the Applecross Visitor Center , which will as well supply visitors information and hosts a cash machine. Opening times will vary over the seasons.

The Community Filling Station sales petrol and diesel 24 hours 7 days a week. Card payment only!

Roddy MacLennan comes from Lochcarron with his butcher van on most Tuesdays. 01520-722229

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Opening Times

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

The campsite will be closed during December, January & Febuary.


The office/reception is currently open Mo – Sa 10 to 11am and 4 to 5 pm.


The campsite cafe is now closed for the winter. The opening date for 2011 will be end of May or earlier. To be confirmed.

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How To Make A Booking

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

You do not need to book in advance but we  strongly recommend you do so, especially if you are planning to come during holiday times or weekends.

We would like to encourage everybody to use the online booking facility on our main website:

This is by far the easiest way to make a booking as you can  check availabilities and choose  requirements to suit your needs. You can pay straight away by debit or credit card, or select to make payment by cheque or transfer.

If you have difficulties booking online you can contact us by email, post or phone.
Please be aware that sending us a letter or email, or leaving a phone message does not mean you have made a booking until we have told you otherwise.

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I am new to booking online. How do I go about it?

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

It is very easy and straight forward to book online and you are guided all the way through the booking process.
Unsure? This is how it works:
Click on ‘Book Online’ on our main website. Please chose and click on the type of accommodation you want to book. This will open up a calendar view where you can select your arrival date. You will then be guided through the process of choosing the length of your stay, party size and any additional requirements. After you have chosen all your requirements you are ask for your contact details and to create a customer log-in. All details and prices will be clearly shown before submission and you can choose if you want to pay by debit/credit card or prefer another payment methods.

Please note: Final booking confirmation emails can take 24-72 hrs to get to you.

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Monday, January 18th, 2010

Please visit our main website 

for all tariff information.

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FAQ – Camping Huts / Static Caravans

Sunday, January 17th, 2010

What do I need to bring for a stay in a static caravan?
Please bring your own bath towels. Bed linen and tea towels will be provided.

What do I need to bring for a stay in a camping hut?
Everything you would bring for a stay in a tend except you sleeping mat as the huts have mattresses.

What is the difference between a Wigwam and a Wishbone camping hut?
The floor space size is the same, but Wishbones have a bit more head-space. Most of the Wishbones have a porch which the Wigwams don’t have.

How big are the camping huts?
All huts have a floor space of 2.4 by 4.2 metres.

Can I bring one or more dogs?
Yes, you can bring your dogs. There is a charge of £5 per night per dog  and we only allow a maximum of 2 dogs in each caravan or camping hut.

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FAQ – General

Sunday, January 17th, 2010

Can I bring one or more dogs?
Yes, you can bring your dogs. There is a charge per dog (see tariff) and we only allow a maximum of 2 dogs in each caravan or camping hut.

How bad is the road over the pass? Can I take a large vehicle over it?

The highroad to Applecross is a steep (1 in 4) single-track road and includes several hair-pin bends. You need to be a confident driver and able to reverse over a relatively long distance to the nearest passing place if required to do so.
If that doesn’t deter you – it is a well worth experience. To reassure you a bit: touring buses and big lorries drive over it if they have an experienced driver. (On the other hand – you could meet one of them and that is exactly why you need to be confident reversing your vehicle!)
As on all single track roads PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU USE PASSING PLACES TO LET ANYBODY QUEING UP BEHIND YOU PASS! This is extremely important as the person behind you could be a doctor or volunteer firefighter on call. (And as we all know – frustration can cause an accident.)

When is the best time to come?
There is no real answer to this question. The weather is very unpredictable and it can be beautiful sunshine or storm & rain at any time of the year. You may want to choose your stay according to whether you enjoy a place more lively during the main holiday periods or a bit more quiet off the main season.

Can I avoid the midges? How bad are they?
The midges usually are strongest during July and August. They start about June and disappear around October depending on the previous winter and late/early frost. Midges don’t like strong sun and will be gone with the slightest breeze. Therefore you can have a complete midge-free holiday at any time, but if unlucky they can be quite a nuisance. If you are concerned we recommend you come before end of May or after mid September.

Do you allow BBQs?

We don’t allow campfires, but you are welcome to bring a free-standing BBQ.

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Cancelling or changing your booking

Saturday, January 16th, 2010

Changing a booking

Once your booking is confirmed you may change the dates of your booking for up to 14 days before arrival for camping huts or standard camping and 28 day before arrival for caravans. All amendments will be subject to a £5 administration fee.

Cancelling a booking

In the event of cancellation refunds will only be processed if they are requested over 28 days prior to the arrival date.We will then refund 2/3 of the total cost of the booking (less the administration fee).
All cancellation will be subject to a £10 administration fee unless they are made as part of a cancellation cover.

Cancellations made later than 28 days before arrival will not receive any refunds unless cancellation cover has been purchased.

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Our easy-to-read T&C

Saturday, January 16th, 2010

Terms & Conditions

1.  Pitch fees are due on arrival for non booked guests, they are not refundable or transferable. Fees for booked guests, if booked over 28 days before arrival are due as a deposit of 1/3rd (min £50) of the total, and the balance 28 days before arrival. If total cost of a booking is £50 or less, the full amount is due at the time of booking. All fees are in GBP (£).

2. Refunds will only be processed if they are requested over 28 days prior to the arrival date.
We will refund 2/3 of the total cost of booking in the event of cancellation.
Cancellations made later than 28 days before arrival will not receive any refunds unless cancellation cover has been purchased.
All refunds will be subject to a £10 admin fee.
Amendments can only be made up to 14 days before arrival for huts and camping and 28 days for caravans.
All amendments to bookings will have a £5 admin fee.

3. The caravan/hut/Pitch will be available to the named occupants during the period shown on the confirmation letter received from Applecross Campsite.

4. The hirer of the caravan/hut/Pitch must be 18 or older, however this remains at the discretion of the Manager and dependant on circumstances, the hirer may be of a younger age.

5. All new visitors must report to reception upon arrival.

6. Strictly NO SMOKING inside the facilities or accommodation. However smoking is
permitted outside. Please discard of cigarettes carefully.

7. The maximum hire period allowed is 28 days.

8. The area surrounding caravans/huts/Pitches must be kept clean and tidy at all times.

9. Tents can only be erected on designated tenting fields.

10. Park speed limits must not be exceeded (10mph).

11. In the event of behaviour likely to cause offence or damage to other users of the facilities, the park management reserve the right to remove any offenders from the park without redress or refund.

12. All persons using the cafe/bar area must honour the cafe rules.
1) no consumption of food or beverages, not purchased from the
cafe, is allowed.
2) no children over 7 allowed in the ball pit.
3) no children in the cafe without parental supervision.
4) children or adults showing a lack of consideration for other     users of the cafe will be removed from the cafe without redress  or refund.
13. Please keep noise to a minimum between the hours of 10pm-7am and show consideration to other holiday makers and occupants at all times.

14. Litter and refuse must be disposed of in the designated areas provided by the park.

15. No ball games, kite flying, campfires, model aircraft, catapults, or guns allowed.

16.Dogs are welcome on the park, but must be kept on a short lead at all times. They must be emptied of the park and its entrance. Any accidents must be cleaned up immediately. Anyone who disregards this condition will be removed from the site without redress or refund.

17. The use of barbecues is permitted. However, please keep well away from Caravans and tents and do not place directly onto grass.

18. We cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to personal property including motor vehicles whether malicious or accidental during your stay.

19. Personal travel insurance is not included in the cost of your holiday and, if required, remains the responsibility of the occupants. Cancellation Cover is available at the time of booking.

20. If arriving after 10pm, please notify reception as there are security barriers in operation.

21.Anyone who wilfully or negligently causes damage to buildings, fences, or equipment will be responsible for the cost of remedial repairs or replacement.

22.Payment of your fees constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions.

23. Applecross Campsite reserve the right to alter or amend these term and conditions without notice.

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Cancellation Cover

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

Cancellation Plan Details


1) Refund of any deposit monies in full.

2) Refund of any balance of accommodation charges or other monies.

3) Relief from any further liability under your contract with the company for accommodation booked and balance of charges due.


£12.00 per booking per camping hut or caravan, or £5 per week per camping/motorhome pitches. This must be paid at the time of deposit.

Period of Cover

The cover operates from the time the reservation deposit payment is received in our office until the time of arrival.

Persons Covered

All persons named on the reservation form only.

Items Covered

Illness, quarantine, jury service, death, disablement by bodily injury, medical advice following pregnancy, redundancy.

Items Excluded

Insanity, Suicide, being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, any defect or infirmity or illness which existed at the time the cover becomes operative.


Claims must be notified without undue delay and confirmed in writing before the time of arrival. Refunds will only be made for items covered and must be sustained by a Doctors certificate where applicable, or by authoritative proof.


The receipt of payment will be acknowledged on the reservation invoice and such acknowledgement confirms the company’s acceptance of the risk. The payment MUST be received at the time of booking.


This plan does not cover your personal possessions. Your own personal or household insurance may cover personal accident, loss of money, luggage etc.


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